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When I moved back to Spain in 2016, I made a resolution to visit everywhere near home in Sevilla —big or small— that I’d never had time to see while on a work trip. Part of this ambitious plan also included re-visiting places I already knew well but felt I needed to explore more, and I’d write up several locations that had yet to appear in this blog. Well, that was the plan. Life has a way of making plans go astray so… no time like the present to start.

This post will act as a placeholder for all information about day trips from Sevilla, & my idea is to fill in the gaps over time (much like this master list for the Buenos Aires Housing for the Masses series). A general rule for inclusion on this list is that a destination can be reached by public transportation in two hours or less from Sevilla… no more than a normal day trip would take. Average train & bus times are listed below, along with a brief description of each place. Links will appear as posts are written:

  • Arcos de la Frontera – mid-size pueblo blanco defiantly perched on a cliff above the Guadalete River (🚂 none, 🚌 1.25 hrs via Jerez)
  • Cádiz – Phoenician settlement on an isthmus, surrounded by water & 18th-century fortifications (🚂 1.5 hrs, 🚌 45 min)
  • Carmona – Tartessian/Roman town with a well-preserved necropolis (🚂 none, 🚌 30 min)
  • Córdoba – 8th-century mosque with a cathedral in the middle, pretty patios + gastronomic treats galore (🚂 45 min, 🚌 1.25 hrs)
  • Coria del Río – site of 17th-century diplomatic mission from Japan + the home of Blas Infante, father of modern-day Andalucía (🚂 none, 🚌 45 min)
  • Écija – Baroque bell towers around every corner & stunning Roman mosaics (🚂 none, 🚌 1.25 hrs)
  • Huelva – port city famous for housing World War II spies (🚂 1.5 hrs, 🚌 1.5 hrs)
  • Itálica – Roman military retirement city with the largest amphitheater outside of Rome (🚂 none, 🚌 20 min)
  • Jerez de la Frontera – tasty sherry & graceful PRE horses (🚂 1 hr, 🚌 1.75 min)
  • Marchena – fortified town with a collection of paintings by Zurbarán (🚂 1.5 hrs, 🚌 1.5 hrs)
  • Montilla – birthplace of the crianza-solera winemaking process (🚂 45 min + 🚌 45 min)
  • Osuna – important dukedom with royal residences & a stunning family pantheon (🚂 1.5 hrs, 🚌 1.5 hrs)
  • Utrera – agricultural town known for flamenco, toros bravos & the gordal variety of olive (🚂 30 min, 🚌 40 min)

Sevilla has so much to see —as do many nearby cities— & many people stick only to those places. Understandable. Small towns are often overlooked, whether due to lack of time or lack of knowledge. Most visitors to Spain consider Madrid as a hub for nearby sights, but Sevilla doesn’t get the same recognition… hopefully this series of posts will help change that. Keep in mind that the map & listings above are a work in progress. I haven’t been everywhere currently listed (almost though!), & I have lots of writing to do. More places will be added as work allows. I better get busy!

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