found: river plate dairy advert, 1932

Argentina, River Plate Dairy Co advert, 1932

From: “The Review of the River Plate,” 25 Mar 1932.

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      henry chidley reynolds was my great-great uncle. he has my heighest admiration as a great pioneer & prosperous businessman. in NZ he developed 8 butter factories. ive been working on my worldwide fly tree with a special attention to the bounds between NZ & ARGENTINA. for further info. google “HENRY CHIDLEY REYNOLDS”, “ANCHOR” & “THE RIVER PLATE DAIRY CO. LTD. “, hence the butter brand in ARG: “DAIRYCO” premium & 3 others. developed 5 factories & was main exporter to U.K. willy reynolds.

  2. Andrew Reynolds

    Interesting Advertisement. This happens to be a farm where my grandfather worked. Before that Hnery Chidley Reynolds was in New Zealand, and before that in Beeny, UK. My father Keith Reyonolds was born in Tandil, Argintina in November 1919 and then was sent to boarding school in UK. I was born in Hampstead England in November 1952. I now live on Cape Cod, USA.


      hello andrew. HENRY C. REYNOLDS was my great-great uncle. he emigrated from NZ to ARG before my grandfather WILLIAM BROWN REYNOLDS. we must be close relatives. im reading up our world wide spanish edited fly tree with special attention to bounds between NZ & ARG. as i cant place u so if u wish we could contact & look into the where abouts. my email:
      Rgds. WILLY

  3. Hello Andrew – Thanks very much for the comment… I had never heard of this particular dairy company before seeing the advertisement. Have you ever been to Argentina? Wonderful family story & thanks for sharing!

  4. The River Plate Dairy company was founded by my family……
    William Shine
    We learnt the dairy business on Eire (limerick) where we were dairy farmers.

    1. Thank you for the comment, William. So many companies have come & gone in Argentina, depending on the economic situation. I hope your family enjoyed its time there!

  5. Guillermo Tomás Reynolds

    Guillermo Tomás Reynolds ( Willie) Wish to contact Andrew Reynolds, Robert ¿? in article and William Shine.

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