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Argentina, travel poster, Aerolíneas Argentinas, routes

As a tour guide, I’m often interested in how destinations market themselves. How do cities or nations identify themselves to potential visitors? The golden age of travel may be long gone, but its memory persists in the guise of travel posters. Interestingly, Argentina used to portray itself as a nature destination & stressed the gaucho & beef… nothing about tango (at least in the posters I found) & only one hyping Buenos Aires. How times have changed.

Argentina, travel poster, hunter's paradise, hunting

Argentina, travel poster, Bariloche, Aerolíneas Argentinas

Argentina, travel poster, Iguazú

Argentina, travel poster, gaucho

Argentina, travel poster, Braniff, gaucho

Argentina, travel poster, Braniff, beef, carne

Argentina, travel poster, Buenos Aires, Aerolíneas Argentinas

Of course, Aerolíneas Argentinas marketed to Argentines who wanted to explore the world too:

Argentina, travel poster, Aerolíneas Argentinas, Londres, London

And although not a travel poster, I thought this little souvenir was too cute not to include:

Aerolíneas Argentinas, luggage tag, Buenos Aires

If I come across any more Argentine posters, they will be added here. Submissions welcome!

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  1. How do I get a hold of that poster with the gaucho and his girl. He is dressed in blue and looks like Clark Gable. Do you sell these? I need one to decorate the entertainment room in my house, also known as the “Gauch Room” because of the decor.
    Thank you

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