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found: same day photo, 2002-2016

camera, collection, DMC-LX3, S30, S80, S95, DMC-LF1, Panasonic, Canon

I purchased my very first digital camera in January 2002, one month after a big economic crisis hit Argentina. How I wish I’d had that Canon PowerShot S30 during December 2001! Definitely low res by today’s standards, but what a fantastic camera. Unfortunately the lens jammed & rendered the camera useless. Over the years I upgraded to a Canon SuperShot G3 (still works, a brick of a camera), a Canon EOS Digital Rebel (left in Argentina), a Canon PowerShot S80 (might work if I could recharge it!), switched to a Panasonic DMC-LX3 (still around, probably my best camera ever), back to a Canon PowerShot S95 (basically fell apart piece by piece), then a Panasonic DMC-LF1 (dust got inside the lens but still ok). These days, I’m not sure if I should stick with Panasonic, go back to Canon, or try another brand altogether. Decisions, decisions…

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aveiro: azulejos

Portugal, Aveiro, azulejos, tiles

For years I’d read that Aveiro had fantastic tile work. But when to visit? After finishing a tour in Porto, I had a few days off to rest… the perfect opportunity in spite of this 2015 heat wave. Such a variety of azulejos that I couldn’t stop taking photos. Pics above are only a sample of what I saw. Wow.

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