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buenos aires: architecture guide

In 2013, the following article appeared as a two-page spread in the Autumn/Winter edition of “Time Out: Buenos Aires”. When the editor first contacted me, the only thing running through my mind was “1400 words?!” :-) Somehow I managed to fit history, architectural styles, recommendations & current events in that limited space. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

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aveiro: architecture

Portugal, Aveiro, architecture

Since I work as a tour guide, when I go somewhere new I adopt a very different philosophy: little research before arrival, explore on foot once there, then investigate online at night. This method works well since I’m often several days in one spot. My kind of travel. So as I walked from the train station to my hotel along the main avenue, the architecture of Aveiro turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

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lisboa: galerias romanas

Portugal, Lisboa, Lisbon, Baixa, galerias romanas

After years of coming to Lisboa, at long last I’ve been able to see what I consider one of the city’s “holy grail” sites: Roman galleries buried underneath the modern-day Baixa. They are so difficult to visit because since the 1980s, the city government only opens them once or twice per year.

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romania: bucureşti

Romania, Bucureşti, Bucharest, architecture, Casa Poporului

I know… it’s taken forever to write this. Almost as long as it took me to get to Romania! :-) The country had long been on my radar, especially after watching the 1989 Revolution unfold on tv. Images of the Ceauşescus’ execution were shockingly graphic in those pre-internet days. I may have been only 19, but I wanted to know more & knew that I’d be in Romania one day. The opportunity came by complete chance, as many good things do.

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housing for the masses: master list

Housing for the Masses, Buenos Aires, housing projects

I can’t lie… I’m proud of this series of posts written in 2007 & 2008. While only the years from 1910 to 1950 are covered, researching & photographing housing projects in Buenos Aires became a passion. La Teja compiled more information in 2010, & I’m thrilled that they included projects up to the present. But I’m content with being first and making this info available in English ;-)

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tel aviv: beach & bauhaus

Israel, Tel Aviv, beach promenade

A 45-minute drive to Tel Aviv plus an overpriced taxi to our rental apartment got us to the beach in no time. Seemed like everyone was out enjoying the beautiful afternoon. If only I knew how to paraglide…

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jordan to israel: in transit

Jordan, Wadi Mujib, panorama

We left Petra early enough to take the scenic route north, avoiding the main highway, & have our driver drop us at the border crossing to Israel before noon. I’d read it is unpredictable on even a good day, & that turned out to be true. But that’s jumping ahead.

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jordan: petra!

Jordan, Petra, street of façades, camels

Nothing prepared me for the size of Petra. We knew we’d be walking a lot but what I never realized was how much there was to see…

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jordan: roman remnants

Jordan, Jerash, Roman ruins, Temple of Artemis

As someone who began his travels in Iberia—at one end of the Roman Empire—you can imagine how thrilled I was to see the other end. Darío had wanted to see Jordan for a long time, so celebrating the completion of his Ph.D. seemed like a great excuse to go.

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montevideo: final thoughts

Uruguay, Montevideo, Palacio Salvo, Mario Palanti

After only three visits, no doubt I’d developed a certain fondness for Montevideo. With a fantastic coastline, the promise of even more areas to explore & very friendly people, it’s a good thing I liked the city… because Darío & I were about to move there!

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