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Last year I recognized the benefits of being unemployed… mainly the ability to start new projects. Although underestimating the sheer quantity of work involved, our vision has finally become a reality. Endless Mile guides are now available!

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Jeff explains how we came up with the idea:

One evening in 2007 while sitting in Robert’s apartment we dreamed about the best way of offering travelers the experience of a learning about a city’s history: some type of portable device that supported multimedia. We envisioned standing in Plaza de Mayo, absorbing the sights, then pulling the device from a pocket and opening a black-and-white video of Evita speaking from the balcony of Casa Rosada…

A few years of waiting were needed for technology to catch up with this scenario for the tourist. That time is now with the advent of touch-based mobile computing. With Robert’s extensive background as a tour guide and my knowledge of technology, joined by our shared passion for history and cultural heritage, we formed Endless Mile as a way of helping travelers experience their destinations in new ways.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. One major benefit for me: I can still be a tour guide without having to travel as much. Much of the content of my guided walks previously developed for Buenos Aires can be purchased here (main page). Many former tour members suggested I write a book & with Jeff’s technical knowledge, together we can make that content available for everyone.

Rufina Cambacérès, Recoleta Cemetery app, screenshot

Naturally, our first app is a guided visit of Recoleta Cemetery. Blogging about the cemetery since 2007 at AfterLife, there are very few people who have done as much research on the site as I have, so it seemed like a logical first choice.  Our second release —scheduled for next month— will be a map-based app of what we consider over 60 of the best domes in Buenos Aires. Later we’ll focus on other historic & architectural walks in the city.

But that’s not all… after we’ve covered Buenos Aires, we’ll begin developing apps for European destinations. In March 2012, Darío & I will temporarily move to Lisboa until June during which time he’ll continue Ph.D. studies & I’ll begin researching for future releases. Spending a large portion of the past 12 years guiding in both countries, this also seems like the next logical step to increase our product base & deliver the same high-quality content: great photos, unique insight & an in-depth look at each destination.

As they say in Argentina: “Estoy chocho”… I’m exciterated :-)

Update: After Jeff’s departure from Endless Mile & a successful run in the iTunes store, the Recoleta Cemetery app was retired in Aug 2015. The Domes app unfortunately never saw the light of day… but a resulting PDF guide can be downloaded here for free, showing the location of 75 of the best examples in Buenos Aires.

5 thoughts on “business: travel apps for sale!”

  1. Hi Robert,
    You know I’m a big fan. Just bought the app, and I’m very happy to somehow repay for at least a little fraction of the great work you’ve done over the years.
    I’ll check it and give you feedback soon.

    1. Hi Daniel – Great to hear from you & thanks so much for purchasing the app. We’re hoping to start a trend where there’s real content in travel apps… something a bit more than just listings of restaurants & hotels. Feedback is always appreciated. Hope things are going well with you. Abrazo!

      Thanks a lot, Jonathan! We’re going to keep putting them out as fast as we can :-)

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