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spain: itálica

España, Andalucía, Sevilla, Itálica, Roman

A short ride from Sevilla, getting off the bus in Santiponce may feel like you’ve stepped into small-town Spain. But you’re about to enter the hometown of two emperors & what was once a thriving city of 10,000 people… at one of the far reaches of the Roman Empire.

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jordan: roman remnants

Jordan, Jerash, Roman ruins, Temple of Artemis

As someone who began his travels in Iberia—at one end of the Roman Empire—you can imagine how thrilled I was to see the other end. Darío had wanted to see Jordan for a long time, so celebrating the completion of his Ph.D. seemed like a great excuse to go.

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évora: defying description

Portugal, Évora, Sé, cathedral

Some places defy description. Historical summaries & cultural briefs tell the facts but fail to convey how a place feels… sometimes that’s more important. The city of Évora has long been one of my favorite spots in Portugal, but it is also one of the most difficult for me to describe. I’ll try.

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