portugal: cassiano branco

Cassiano Branco

Biographical information is scant about Cassiano Branco, so an overview of his work will have to suffice. Drawings & plans have survived, but unfortunately there is very little documentation regarding Branco’s opinions, beliefs or interactions with other architects. Such a shame.

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bogotá: architecture

City view, from Atlantis shopping center, Bogotá

Bogotá’s growth as a city seemed to be outward rather than upward. Its relative lack of tall buildings point to the fact that acquiring new land was more economic than tearing down older structures & constructing taller ones in their place. Also, the fact that the region is prone to earthquakes made building low a priority. Good examples of colonial buildings dot La Candelaria. The biggest wow for me was the Franciscan Iglesia La Tercera, with construction beginning in 1760 & full of exquisite Rococo carvings… probably of walnut, very dark & sensual:

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