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aveiro: architecture

Portugal, Aveiro, architecture

Since I work as a tour guide, when I go somewhere new I adopt a very different philosophy: little research before arrival, explore on foot once there, then investigate online at night. This method works well since I’m often several days in one spot. My kind of travel. So as I walked from the train station to my hotel along the main avenue, the architecture of Aveiro turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

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portugal: cassiano branco

Portugal, Lisboa, Praça de Londres, Cassiano Branco, Português Suave

Biographical information is scant about Cassiano Branco, so an overview of his work will have to suffice. Drawings & plans have survived, but unfortunately there is very little documentation regarding Branco’s opinions, beliefs or interactions with other architects. Such a shame.

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coimbra: portugal dos pequenitos

Portugal, Coimbra, Portugal dos Pequenitos, Cassiano Branco

Behind the recently restored Mosteiro de Santa Clara-a-Velha sits what most people consider to be a kids’ attraction. But this playground of miniature monuments, tiny houses & museum displays from around the world–Portugal dos Pequenitos–was designed to do a lot more than entertain children.

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