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argentina: córdoba, civil architecture

Argentina, Córdoba, city view

Perhaps to prove I saw more than religious architecture in Córdoba, there are even more photos in this post. The newest architecture is pretty exciting—with a few notable exceptions—and the best from the past are a number of surviving Neocolonial buildings (pretty much the same period as Art Deco)…

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argentina: córdoba, religious architecture

Endless Mile, Córdoba, Argentina, religious architecture

Although Franciscans established the first religious order in the new city, Jesuits arrived in 1599 & made Córdoba a center for learning as well as spiritual growth. Surviving in 25 city blocks with the main square at its center, Córdoba’s early history is best expressed by its surviving religious structures. Surprisingly enough, I found no guide that focused solely on this aspect of Córdoba… so here’s a suggested walking route.

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