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montevideo: cementerio central

Montevideo, Cementerio Central

I hadn’t done any research about the oldest cemetery in Montevideo… odd for me. I didn’t even know its location since I was wandering around town mapless. But after a picnic lunch gazing out at the Río de la Plata, I walked past gigantic walls & thought, this must be a cemetery. It’s my destiny :-)

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milano: cimitero monumentale

Milan, Milano, Cimitero Monumentale

I’ll go out on a limb & say it: Recoleta has nothing on Milan’s main cemetery. Blasphemy!!

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milano: unexpected trip

No sooner had we arrived in Lisbon in March & Darío wanted to go to Italy… to buy shirts. Love it. He presented the idea as: “Want to go Rome? I’ll pay for the plane ticket & the hotel.” How could I deny an offer like that? Suddenly we were off to Italy in May.

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lisboa: cemitério do alto de são joão

Lisboa, Cemitério do Alto de São João, crematorium

Like so many burial grounds around the world, the Cemitério do Alto de São João owes its existence to an epidemic. In 1833, cholera devastated Lisbon so Queen Dona Maria II ordered this high ground with surprisingly good views to become the city’s main cemetery. Everyday people mix with the famous, & several important monuments are inside. Let’s take a look…

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tucumán: cementerio del oeste

Argentina, Tucumán, San Miguel de Tucumán, Cementerio del Oeste, Lola Mora

Whenever I visit somewhere for the first time in Argentina, I automatically think about its most famous residents. There may be family plot in the local cemetery or more information to add to my Recoleta Cemetery blog.

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bogotá: cementerio central

Cementerio Central, Bogotá, Colombia

King Carlos II of Spain declared burials inside or beside churches illegal in 1787, but the American colonies waited awhile to implement the new rules. Old habits are hard to break. Buenos Aires opened Recoleta Cemetery in 1822, but Bogotá inaugurated their first public cemetery much earlier in 1791.

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