aveiro: architecture

Portugal, Aveiro, architecture

Since I work as a tour guide, when I go somewhere new I adopt a very different philosophy: little research before arrival, explore on foot once there, then investigate online at night. This method works well since I’m often several days in one spot. My kind of travel. So as I walked from the train station to my hotel along the main avenue, the architecture of Aveiro turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

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buenos aires: confitería del molino

Buenos Aires, Confitería del Molino, Francisco Gianotti

In the past ten years, Buenos Aires has come a long way in terms of preserving city heritage. New organizations have formed, especially on neighborhood level, keeping watch over the city’s buildings & blowing the whistle when sneaky developers try to destroy what makes BA so unique. That said, one particular building sums up everything wrong about the city’s attitude toward conservation: the Confitería del Molino.

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repost: alejandro christophersen

Buenos Aires, Balvanera, Alejandro Christophersen, Santuario Nacional Santa Rosa de Lima

Since I’ve become such a fan of Buenos Aires architecture, I’m beginning a series of posts about our best architects to highlight those who have made BA such a joy to walk around. There’s no better place to start than the grandfather of all BA architects, Alejandro Christophersen.

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