buenos aires: art deco barrial

Art Deco

The era of Art Deco–roughly the 1920’s & 1930’s–also corresponds to a period of increased personal wealth in Argentina. Major projects injected Buenos Aires with large-scale Art Deco, but it also became a popular style for housing construction. Often overlooked or taking a back seat to their bigger brothers, Art Deco residential areas dot several parts of the city & make for an interesting scavenger hunt… a great way to explore less-visited corners of Buenos Aires.

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bogotá: architecture

Insurance company, Art Deco, Bogotá

Bogotá’s growth as a city seemed to be outward rather than upward. Its relative lack of tall buildings point to the fact that acquiring new land was more economic than tearing down older structures & constructing taller ones in their place. Also, the fact that the region is prone to earthquakes made building low a priority.

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