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Recoleta Cemetery ranks as one of the main attractions in Buenos Aires & with good reason. Its list of occupants reads like a Who’s Who of Argentine history & society. The elite, aspiring middle class, friends, enemies & those who contributed to the general welfare of Argentina all share space in a miniature city of mausoleums & monuments. But it wasn’t always so grandiose…

Imagine Buenos Aires 200 years ago, before growing into the metropolis it is today. 55,000 inhabitants lived without paved streets, green areas or basic public services. To improve city sanitation, burials inside or near churches were prohibited, & this cemetery—the first public burial ground in Buenos Aires—opened in 1822.


Over time, Recoleta Cemetery has changed as much as the city itself & although unpopular at first, the elite eventually came to cherish its intimate location. Ornate family tombs reflect wealth & status. Stroll past Presidents & politicians (some naughty, some nice), Nobel Prize winners, literary greats, entertainers, scientists, military leaders, sports figures & even some who died tragically… generating more than a few urban legends.

Of course this guide includes the cemetery’s most famous resident. Eva María Duarte de Perón—simply Evita to her devotées—had a bizarre post-mortem journey which is described at length. Many other important tombs are included such as Rufina CambacérèsLuis Ángel Firpo, & David Spinetto. The mix of architecture, historical figures & captivating stories may make you want to stay permanently!


Topics discussed in the guide include the foundation of Recoleta Cemetery, details of its current operation, symbolism found inside, plus the most accurate map available. For further information, refer to our dedicated blog: AfterLife. Documenting Recoleta Cemetery since 2007, over 525 posts discuss important family histories as well as current events affecting the cemetery today. Robert even appeared on television, guiding for the Globe Trekker television series!

Covering 70 tombs & mausoleums, this walk is divided into easy-to-navigate sections of 10 tombs each. Sample sheets below demonstrate the guide’s general layout:

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