Buenos Aires

Embark on a scavenger hunt to find some of the best remnants of European architecure in Buenos Aires with this free guide.


Although examples have been found from prehistoric times, the earliest dome still standing dates from the Roman era. Through trial & error, Roman architects discovered that pressure from the keystone holds an arch in place… then they put a spin on it. An arch rotated 360° around its keystone becomes a dome.

Engineers love domes because they give a maximum amount of enclosed space for a minimum amount of surface area. But for most of us, regardless of placement or size, domes are built to impress.


During the 300 years from the city’s second foundation until the 1880’s Buenos Aires remained a surprisingly humble place… a far cry from the grandiose city it is today. Early paintings & engravings of Buenos Aires, however, show one remarkable feature—church domes.

It was the beginning of a trend. By 1900 when immigration was at its peak, European-born architects brought European-inspired design with them & showered the city in domes. This singular feature makes visitors feel more like they are on the Viejo Continente rather in than the New World.


While the itinerary does not contain a complete listing of all domes in Buenos Aires—a worthy but monumental task—the 75 listings selected represent a sample of the city’s finest. This map-based PDF helps you discover even more of this fascinating city. Some of its features include: a brief historical background, a quick guide to architectural styles & lots of original artwork.

Endless Mile, Buenos Aires, Domes guide

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Duration: Spend as much time as you like. This is not a guided walk with ordered stops, & few people will want to see every listing. However, a scavenger hunt for domes represents a unique way to explore the city.
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