montevideo: pocitos

Montevideo, Pocitos, Art Nouveau, tiles, azulejos

Boulevard España shoots straight up the hill from the beach in Pocitos. The first time I saw this street I couldn’t believe how funky & how surprisingly well the houses work together. Tons of different styles on every block: Beaux-Arts, Art Nouveau herons, Art Deco, Neocolonial, tiled domes… a great mix:

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montevideo: first impressions

Uruguay, Montevideo, panorama

One thing I couldn’t understand: why didn’t I see more tourists? Spring isn’t high season, but just look at this city… 18 km of coastline, several different beaches, trees everywhere, friendly people, a nicely preserved city center, eclectic architecture. Montevideo has everything Buenos Aires lacks with fewer people & a laid-back vibe that makes visiting even more enjoyable.

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