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montevideo: final thoughts

Uruguay, Montevideo, Palacio Salvo, Mario Palanti

After only three visits, no doubt I’d developed a certain fondness for Montevideo. With a fantastic coastline, the promise of even more areas to explore & very friendly people, it’s a good thing I liked the city… because Darío & I were about to move there!

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montevideo: el prado

Uruguay, Montevideo, El Prado

Located north & further inland than the Ciudad Vieja, the area that comprises El Prado began as an agricultural zone with large farms & only a few roads. But Montevideo under siege in the 19th century drove upper class families away from the city center. Villas with large gardens popped up everywhere in El Prado, attempting to maintain the area’s rural character…

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montevideo: parque rodó

Uruguay, Montevideo, Parque Rodó, José Belloni

From the city center, two pleasant options exist for arriving to Parque Rodó, one of the larger green areas of Montevideo: taking the first half of Boulevard España or wandering along the coast. Both offer fantastic views & interesting architecture…

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montevideo: la aguada

Uruguay, Montevideo, Avenida Agraciada, Casa Soler

More from Montevideo! Branching off from Plaza Fabini near the beginning of Avenida 18 de Julio, Avenida Lavalleja cuts a wide angle through the barrio of La Aguada & ends at the Palacio Legislativo…

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montevideo: palacio legislativo

Montevideo, Palacio Legislativo

Visiting the national congress was a challenge: internet said one thing, the TI said another & everyone in between had an opinion as to official visiting hours. After dragging Darío to the Cementerio Central, we took a bus there. I walked in to confirm the time & was comforted by the lack of security. Sure, I passed through a scanner but everyone was laid back & it seemed like we were all hanging out instead of me entering one of the most important buildings in the nation.

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montevideo: cementerio central

Montevideo, Cementerio Central

I hadn’t done any research about the oldest cemetery in Montevideo… odd for me. I didn’t even know its location since I was wandering around town mapless. But after a picnic lunch gazing out at the Río de la Plata, I walked past gigantic walls & thought, this must be a cemetery. It’s my destiny :-)

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montevideo: pocitos

Montevideo, Pocitos, Art Nouveau, tiles, azulejos

Boulevard España shoots straight up the hill from the beach in Pocitos. The first time I saw this street I couldn’t believe how funky & how surprisingly well the houses work together. Tons of different styles on every block: Beaux-Arts, Art Nouveau herons, Art Deco, Neocolonial, tiled domes… a great mix:

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montevideo: avenida 18 de julio

Montevideo, Avenida 18 de Julio, Plaza Fabini

The Avenida 18 de Julio is easily one of my favorite thoroughfares for its eclectic character, grandeur & surprising amount of preserved architectural heritage. So what happened on July 18th that was so important? Uruguay adopted its first constitution in 1830… a remarkable avenue for a remarkable event.

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montevideo: ciudad vieja

Montevideo, Ciudad Vieja, Beaux-Arts

Although founded practically two centuries after Buenos Aires, early Montevideo followed the same city plan in 1724 as almost every other Spanish colonial town. Fitting snugly into a small outcrop & taking advantage of a natural port, the Ciudad Vieja consists only 100 blocks—give or take a few—arranged in an 8 x 13 grid.

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montevideo: first impressions

Uruguay, Montevideo, panorama

One thing I couldn’t understand: why didn’t I see more tourists? Spring isn’t high season, but just look at this city… 18 km of coastline, several different beaches, trees everywhere, friendly people, a nicely preserved city center, eclectic architecture. Montevideo has everything Buenos Aires lacks with fewer people & a laid-back vibe that makes visiting even more enjoyable.

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