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digital photography, 2002-2016

España, Spain, Medinaceli, 2002

… I probably don’t treat my cameras as well as I should… but they are always at hand to document where work or vacation takes me. By coincidence, I realized that I’d taken a photo on this particular day everyday since 2002. How is that possible?

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spain: guidebook research 2015

Spain, Andalucía, Pueblos Blancos, Zahara de la Sierra, guidebook research, Rick Steves, 2015

Ever wonder what it’s like to update a travel guidebook? After writing about last year’s Portugal research, I thought I’d do the same this year during a whirlwind 3 weeks through southern Spain. Compiled below are the brief, daily Facebook updates I posted while on the road. Let’s roll!

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personal: 2014 schedule

2014 work schedule, Portugal

Although it seems less complicated than last year, in 2014 I’ll be busier & will put a lot more kilometers on some lucky pair of Adidas this year. Good thing I love my job(s)!

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cádiz: exorcising demons

España, Spain, Cádiz, Plaza de San Antonio

Even as a child, I had a strong desire to travel … Yet at the age of 27, I’d only managed to go as far as the Bahamas, Canada & México. When my ex landed a job as Assistant Director for the University of Washington’s Spanish program in Cádiz, I was all for it. Finally an opportunity to go to Europe! The year was 1998, & I knew the experience would change my life.

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catalunya: cause for separation?

Independent Catalunya?

Working with tour groups in Spain, the question of Catalan independence comes up frequently. I do my best to try to explain the issue as concisely & fairly as possible, but this topic truly challenges condensation. Here’s my take.

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personal: typical research day

Rick Steves, research, guidebook, update

Next week I’ll be embarking on another intense work trip beginning with two solid weeks of guidebook research for Rick Steves. A few readers might be thinking: oooh, how exciting! what a glamorous job! Certainly some fun moments will occur, but overall the schedule is so tight that there’s little room for glamour :-)

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personal: 2013 schedule

Schedule 2013

I’ve been busy the past week attempting to confirm dates & purchasing flights. While I’ve made progress, arranging three months of travel is always insane. Hopefully I’ll have time to write about my experiences along the way, but the reality is that work comes first. If I disappear from the internet from May to July, know I’m alive & well. Here’s where I’ll be…

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business: what’s in a name

Robert Wright, cobblestones, Buenos Aires

When Jeff & I began bouncing ideas around for a new type of travel guide, one of our most difficult decisions was finding an appropriate name. How to take into account this desire to explore a city on foot, combine influences from Baudelaire & Benjamin about the flâneur & apply it to destinations as diverse as Buenos Aires & Lisbon?

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business: 2012 releases

Endless Mile, 2012 projects

With Buenos Aires content finally finished, it’s time to expand our guidebook offers. I could happily write about BA for the rest of my life, but Europe is calling. 2012 is all about Portugal with a bit of Spain too. Darío & I are off to Europe in a few weeks, & there’s no better moment to decide exactly what to research & publish.

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