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photo essay: sydney, watsons bay

Australia, Sydney, Watsons Bay

A little background for new readers… thanks to my best friend & her partner, I had the opportunity to live in Sydney for 7 months between 2008-09. Amazing experience & a much needed break from Buenos Aires. Watsons Bay is located where all that water empties into the Tasman Sea —the space between Australia & New Zealand. Literally the edge of the continent. I catsat there a couple times in this fantastic house (used in a photo shoot for the Ikea catalog!), only 30 seconds from the beach. Rough life :-)

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tucumán: southern city

Argentina, San Miguel de Tucumán, sur, Art Deco

Our last day in Tucumán & I still hadn’t been to the southern part of the city. Bad on me. Sundays are my favorite photo days, so I thought I’d walk randomly toward Plaza Belgrano. I was pleasantly surprised… the south hadn’t been nearly as demolished or neglected like the area where our hotel was located.

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