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business: designing for android

Endless Mile, Android app

Despite owning several Apple products, I decided to experiment & bought a second-generation Nexus 7 tablet last September. In about two months I became a fan… much more so than with any Apple product. Phenomenal screen resolution, truly light weight, crisp & clean design plus amazing adaptability won me over. The more I used the tablet, the more I realized how fantastic Endless Mile guides would look as an app.

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personal: 2014 schedule

2014 work schedule, Portugal

Although it seems less complicated than last year, in 2014 I’ll be busier & will put a lot more kilometers on some lucky pair of Adidas this year. Good thing I love my job(s)!

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business: 2013 review

Endless Mile

What’s that? No blog update in over a year about Endless Mile? Exactly where did the time go? Brief announcements are made regularly via Facebook, but this seems to be a better format to review all that’s happened in 2013… what a year!

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lisboa: cemitério do alto de são joão

Lisboa, Cemitério do Alto de São João, crematorium

Like so many burial grounds around the world, the Cemitério do Alto de São João owes its existence to an epidemic. In 1833, cholera devastated Lisbon so Queen Dona Maria II ordered this high ground with surprisingly good views to become the city’s main cemetery. Everyday people mix with the famous, & several important monuments are inside. Let’s take a look…

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business: 2012 releases

Endless Mile, 2012 projects

With Buenos Aires content finally finished, it’s time to expand our guidebook offers. I could happily write about BA for the rest of my life, but Europe is calling. 2012 is all about Portugal with a bit of Spain too. Darío & I are off to Europe in a few weeks, & there’s no better moment to decide exactly what to research & publish.

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art: tapeçarias de pastrana

Portugal, Lisboa, Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga, Tapeçarias de Pastrana

Even though I saw this temporary exhibit at the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga when it opened in June, I returned today for a second look… mainly because these Flemish tapestries deal with two cities I’m taking groups to this year.

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lisboa: cinema europa

Portugal, Lisboa, Cinema Europa, Antero Ferreira, 1958

Since movies with sound grew in popularity during the 1930s & 1940s, it was only appropriate that cinema architecture became a spectacle in itself. Grand productions were meant to be seen in grand theaters. Some of the most stunning Art Deco & Rationalist/Modernist buildings I’ve seen around the world are remnants of that era, but unfortunately they are disappearing at an alarming rate.

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repost: lisboa color palette

Lisboa Lisbon color palette

Brand Avenue suggests that cities—even entire nations—have color schemes. It makes sense. One of the things I”ve always loved about Lisboa is its light… a beautiful shade of yellow with just a hint of orange. The Portuguese also have an affinity for pastel tones, painting even public buildings in what I would call Easter colors.

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