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pamplona: running with the bulls

España, Spain, País Vasco, Basque Country, Pamplona, Iruña, Encierro, Running of the Bulls

It’s July & that means one thing only in the Basque Country… time to run with the bulls! I’ve been lucky enough to go for the past two years, so this post is an amalgam of both experiences. And while I’ve never been tempted to put my life on the line & actually run alongside, the spectacle is something I’ll never forget.

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basque country: hungry?

Spain, España, San Sebastián, Donostia, esparragos, asparagus

Every foodie should make a pilgrimage to the Basque Country at least once in their lifetime. And go with an appetite. When I guided one-week tours through the entire region, not a day went by that I didn’t have a fantastic food experience.

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san sebastián-donostia: 31 de agosto

País Vasco, Euskal Herria, Donostia, 31 de agosto

After transforming into a posh seaside resort & cuisine capital during the 20th century, San Sebastián‘s humble beginnings as a border outpost can be difficult to imagine these days. This day commemorates the city’s most devastating event when it almost completely burned to the ground.

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art: 1930s basque posters

Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao, poster, afiche, Aníbal Tejada

Part of the permanent collection of the Museo de Bellas Artes in Bilbao. Displayed during the excellent 2009 exhibit Novecentismo y Vanguardia (1910-1936).

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