writing: mosteiro dos jerónimos

Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, guide, claustro

Writing every Endless Mile guide is a huge commitment, so I thought I’d share what happens each step of the way. After guiding over 3,000 people in several countries, I’ve developed a distinct, personal style as well as an ability to explain complex issues in a way that’s easy to understand. At least that’s what clients say!

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year in review: 2016

2016, travel, year in review
● Where was I? USA, Argentina, Japan, Spain, France, & Portugal.

It’s back! As always, I write this for personal reasons, but you’re welcome to revisit the past year with me. Sorry about no 2015 review but believe me, some things are better left unsaid ;-) It’s all más que bien ahora. The insane pace of 2016 makes a month-by-month summary impossible to write & even worse to read, so I’ve grouped events of the year into a few broad categories. Let’s go!

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year in review: 2014

2014, travel, year in review
● Where was I? Argentina, USA, UK, Jordan, Israel, Portugal, & Spain.

Welcome to the fifth edition of my year in review… I write this for personal reasons, but you’re welcome to revisit the past year with me. I’ll go out on a limb & say it. 2014 turned out to be one of the best years ever, in every regard except a major one. Let’s focus on the positive for now, shall we?

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ten years in the making

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This year seems to be packed with anniversaries. Not only did I move to Seattle 20 years ago, but a decade ago I began writing & posting photos on Line of Sight. This week marks my tenth year blogging!

business: designing for android

Endless Mile, Android app

Time for a change.

Despite owning several Apple products, last September I decided to experiment & bought a second-generation Nexus 7 tablet. In about two months I became a big fan… much more so than with any Apple product. Phenomenal screen resolution, truly light weight, crisp & clean design plus amazing adaptability won me over. The more I used the tablet, the more I realized how fantastic Endless Mile guides would look on Android.

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