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bogotá: cementerio central

Cementerio Central, Bogotá, Colombia

King Carlos II of Spain declared burials inside or beside churches illegal in 1787, but the American colonies waited awhile to implement the new rules. Old habits are hard to break. Buenos Aires opened Recoleta Cemetery in 1822, but Bogotá inaugurated their first public cemetery much earlier in 1791.

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bogotá: main museums

Museo de Oro, Bogotá, Colombia

Museums give visitors a quick look into a new place–a chance to see how local people present themselves to the world. Some people treat museums as an obligation while traveling, but I honestly look forward to it.

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bogotá: architecture

Insurance company, Art Deco, Bogotá

Bogotá’s growth as a city seemed to be outward rather than upward. Its relative lack of tall buildings point to the fact that acquiring new land was more economic than tearing down older structures & constructing taller ones in their place. Also, the fact that the region is prone to earthquakes made building low a priority.

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bogotá: first impressions

Calle 19, Bogotá, Colombia

The Colombian capital evidently receives little tourism—odd since bogotanos are ultra friendly, the city sits in a privileged spot, the food is excellent, public transportation is easy & it’s an active & vibrant place. After seven days I felt I’d seen a good portion of the city, but there’s definitely more to explore for a second visit.

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