lisboa metro: linha verde tiles

Portugal, Lisboa, Metro, subway, linha verde, tiles, azulejos

Let’s start our exploration of the Metro at the waterfront. A ship symbolizes the green line, at one time alternatively named the Linha Caravela. Although I can’t confirm this theory, I believe Metro officials adopted dual names as a navigation aid for the 1998 World Expo: four lines, four colors, four symbols. Text references to these navigation aids have been abandoned, but their symbols still decorate signage…

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lisboa metro: tiles

Portugal, Lisboa, Metro, tiles, azulejos, Rossio

Almost every Lisbon guidebook calls the subway system “an underground museum.” Sounds a bit cliché, but Metro stations contain so many different tile panels that the phrase holds true. However, the original network design neglected any type of decoration. Here’s how Lisboa’s Metro became a vibrant gallery space & a perfect thing to visit on a rainy day.

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found: eyvind earle

Eyvind Earle, art, Sleeping Beauty, Disney

Who doesn’t remember the first time they saw those stunning visuals of Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty”? I was lucky enough to be born in 1970, so I saw most early Disney releases in the movie theater instead of on the home screen. What a difference. Nothing conveys that depth of field—wandering through a deep, dark forest—or fighting a dragon against all odds.

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found: argentina travel posters

Argentina, travel poster, Aerolíneas Argentinas, routes

As a tour guide, I’m often interested in how destinations market themselves. How do cities or nations identify themselves to potential visitors? The golden age of travel may be long gone, but its memory persists in the guise of travel posters. Interestingly, Argentina portrayed itself as a nature destination & stressed the gaucho & beef… nothing about tango (at least in the posters I found) & only one hyping Buenos Aires. How times have changed.

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