buenos aires: parque de la memoria

Buenos Aires, Belgrano, Parque de la Memoria, 30.000, Nicolás Guagnini

Since verdicts were passed last night in what the local press called the “Megacausa ESMA,” it seemed appropriate to take a walk today around one of the newer parts of Buenos Aires I’d yet to explore: the Parque de la Memoria. ESMA is an acronym for the Naval Academy, the setting for some of the most brutal torture experienced by desaparecidos during the last military dictatorship. Trials against military personnel involved in those crimes were reopened in 2005, & bit by bit the more notorious figures are being given life sentences.

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buenos aires: identity & branding

Buenos Aires, emblemas

Recently the city government completed a major project that involved a massive amount of coordination: adopting an official coat-of-arms for each of the 48 barrios in Buenos Aires. Originating from a 1989 decree, a local committee was responsible for the selection of each design based on the following criteria: neighborhood history, ethnic groups, urban planning & prominent activities.

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tucumán: southern city

Argentina, San Miguel de Tucumán, sur, Art Deco

Our last day in Tucumán & I still hadn’t been to the southern part of the city. Bad on me. Sundays are my favorite photo days, so I thought I’d walk randomly toward Plaza Belgrano. I was pleasantly surprised… the south hadn’t been nearly as demolished or neglected like the area where our hotel was located.

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tucumán: cementerio del oeste

Argentina, Tucumán, San Miguel de Tucumán, Cementerio del Oeste

Whenever I visit somewhere for the first time in Argentina, I automatically think about its most famous residents. There may be family plot in the local cemetery or more information to add to my Recoleta Cemetery blog. No, I’m not morbid… however cemeteries are great equalizers, filled with history & wonderful architecture. Seeing how people are remembered also helps understand what they represent today. So I began digging into the history of San Miguel de Tucumán.

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