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buenos aires: barracas revisited, divisions

Buenos Aires, Barracas, map

Barracas is big. It’s bulky. And this southern barrio has a reputation for being bad. But it’s one of my favorite areas of Buenos Aires. Hopefully this series of posts will dispel some of the misrepresentations about Barracas & encourage people to explore it.

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buenos aires: parque de la ciudad

Parque de la Ciudad, Buenos Aires, Villa Soldati

Imagine having a gigantic, empty space just waiting to be developed within the city limits. Not many opportunities like that come along, but during the last dictatorship (1976-83) an enormous tract of land in the southern section of Buenos Aires became the city’s newest amusement park.

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buenos aires: inside the kavanagh

Buenos Aires, Retiro, Edificio Kavanagh

Don’t be jealous… although you should be. The Kavanagh is a Holy Grail to architecture buffs worldwide, & I scored a visit inside today.

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buenos aires: the other costanera sur

Buenos Aires, La Boca, Costanera Sur, ex-Ciudad Deportiva

Most people associate the Costanera Sur with choripan & a wonderful sculpture by Lola Mora. Todo bien. But there’s actually more of the old public bathing area which extends into La Boca. A dead-end on the map, I’ve always to explore that corner of Buenos Aires. Today was the day.

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business: why once?

Endless Mile, Buenos Aires, Once, architecture

Ok, first of all, let’s get something clear. It’s not the English word “once” but the mini-barrio known as Once in Buenos Aires. Say OHN-say… now you’ve got it. A 12-block walk through the heart of Once will be the next release for Endless Mile, nicely ahead of schedule.

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buenos aires: parque de la memoria

Buenos Aires, Belgrano, Parque de la Memoria, Pensar es un Hecho Revolucionario, Marie Orensanz

Since verdicts were passed last night in what the local press called the “Megacausa ESMA,” it was appropriate to take a walk today around one of the newer parts of Buenos Aires I’d yet to explore: the Parque de la Memoria.

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buenos aires: identity & branding

Buenos Aires, emblemas

Recently the city government completed a major project that involved a massive amount of coordination: adopting an official coat-of-arms for each of the 48 barrios in Buenos Aires.

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repost: talleres de remedios de escalada

Lanús, Remedios de Escalada, Talleres

Remedios de Escalada in the southern suburbs of Buenos Aires may be off most people’s radar, but it contains a testament to Argentina’s industrial past that’s very interesting: the largest, privately-owned railroad workshop that the British built outside of the UK.

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tucumán: southern city

Argentina, San Miguel de Tucumán, sur

Our last day in Tucumán & I still hadn’t been to the southern part of the city. Bad on me. Sundays are my favorite photo days, so I thought I’d walk randomly toward Plaza Belgrano. I was pleasantly surprised… the south hadn’t been nearly as demolished or neglected like the area where our hotel was located.

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tucumán: cementerio del oeste

Argentina, Tucumán, San Miguel de Tucumán, Cementerio del Oeste, Lola Mora

Whenever I visit somewhere for the first time in Argentina, I automatically think about its most famous residents. There may be family plot in the local cemetery or more information to add to my Recoleta Cemetery blog.

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