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jordan: roman remnants

Jordan, Jerash, Roman ruins, Temple of Artemis

As someone who began his travels in Iberia—at one end of the Roman Empire—you can imagine how thrilled I was to see the other end. Darío had wanted to see Jordan for a long time, so celebrating the completion of his Ph.D. seemed like a great excuse to go.

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personal: 2013 in review

2013 by day

…and the tradition continues. Welcome to the fourth edition of my year in review. I do this mainly for personal reasons but you’re welcome to revisit the past year with me ;-)

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cádiz: exorcising demons

España, Spain, Cádiz, Plaza de San Antonio

Even as a child, I had a strong desire to travel … Yet at the age of 27, I’d only managed to go as far as the Bahamas, Canada & México. When my ex landed a job as Assistant Director for the University of Washington’s Spanish program in Cádiz, I was all for it. Finally an opportunity to go to Europe! The year was 1998, & I knew the experience would change my life.

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business: 2013 review

Endless Mile

What’s that? No blog update in over a year about Endless Mile? Exactly where did the time go? Brief announcements are made regularly via Facebook, but this seems to be a better format to review all that’s happened in 2013… what a year!

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argentine literature: una excursión a los indios ranqueles

Lucio V. Mansilla, Río IV

Coronel Lucio V. Mansilla requested a very particular assignment: to be sent as a diplomat on behalf of the national government into Indian territory in order to defend a previously-signed peace treaty…

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catalunya: cause for separation?

Independent Catalunya?

Working with tour groups in Spain, the question of Catalan independence comes up frequently. I do my best to try to explain the issue as concisely & fairly as possible, but this topic truly challenges condensation. Here’s my take.

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montevideo: final thoughts

Uruguay, Montevideo, Palacio Salvo, Mario Palanti

After only three visits, no doubt I’d developed a certain fondness for Montevideo. With a fantastic coastline, the promise of even more areas to explore & very friendly people, it’s a good thing I liked the city… because Darío & I were about to move there!

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montevideo: el prado

Uruguay, Montevideo, El Prado

Located north & further inland than the Ciudad Vieja, the area that comprises El Prado began as an agricultural zone with large farms & only a few roads. But Montevideo under siege in the 19th century drove upper class families away from the city center. Villas with large gardens popped up everywhere in El Prado, attempting to maintain the area’s rural character…

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montevideo: parque rodó

Uruguay, Montevideo, Parque Rodó, José Belloni

From the city center, two pleasant options exist for arriving to Parque Rodó, one of the larger green areas of Montevideo: taking the first half of Boulevard España or wandering along the coast. Both offer fantastic views & interesting architecture…

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montevideo: la aguada

Uruguay, Montevideo, Avenida Agraciada, Casa Soler

More from Montevideo! Branching off from Plaza Fabini near the beginning of Avenida 18 de Julio, Avenida Lavalleja cuts a wide angle through the barrio of La Aguada & ends at the Palacio Legislativo…

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