Welcome to the online home for tour guide & guidebook author, Robert Wright. Created in 2010, his company Endless Mile has guided thousands of visitors around Portugal & Argentina… with Spain destinations currently in the works. In addition, Robert has actively blogged since 2001, sharing his explorations & savvy travel advice. Read on to learn about his guides & get inspiration for your next adventure!


Working 20 years for Rick Steves, my responsibilities included everything from guiding groups around Europe to updating & writing new content for his guidebooks. Over time, I even helped develop several new tours. It was an incredible learning process & very interesting to see what worked as well as what didn’t.

When not wandering around Europe, I explored my home at the time: Buenos Aires. Seeing the city on foot & taking note of details became a passion. I shared those experiences, posting about walks in a previous version of the blog now hosted here. That online exposure helped me meet locals —strangers who would kindly invite me to photograph their homes or share their family history. I came to understand much more than I ever expected about Buenos Aires & learned a valuable skill: how to investigate a city.

Those discoveries formed the basis of Urban Explorer, a local tour company I founded in 2003. During guided walks of four hours, I explained what makes Buenos Aires so unique. Tours were very successful, but I had an increasingly difficult time balancing work on two continents. In the process of turning those tours into a physical format, finding an appropriate name proved difficult. How to take into account this desire to explore a city on foot & apply it to destinations as diverse as Buenos Aires, Lisbon & beyond?

One day, the phrase “I’d walk an endless mile for you” stuck in my head. A perfect fit! Walking is still how I prefer to discover a city & connect with its daily rhythms. All Endless Mile guides are written from this perspective. Focusing on history, architecture & current events, ∞m guides also facilitate independent travel by providing themes to explore on your own, such as a mapped list of spectacular domes in Buenos Aires or favorite tile panels in Lisbon. All publications can be found below…

Lisbon guides

Lisbon, Lisboa, Endless Mile, guides, PDF, Portugal

One of the most visually stunning of all European capitals, sunlight bounces off the Tejo River onto pastel buildings stacked high among several hills. Amazing views are everywhere… if you can survive the uphill hike. Lisbon has a marvelous public transportation system but is also an ideal city for walkers since distances are quite manageable. Unafraid to mix a bit of the modern along with its stunning Baroque architecture, the city remains pleasantly lived in, homey & welcoming —at least outside the overrun Baixa. The following guides reveal the city in fascinating detail:

Mosteiro de Alcobaça guide

Portugal, Alcobaça, mosteiro, Endless Mile, Robert Wright, PDF, guide

At the junction of two rivers on a former frontier, Cistercian monks used know-how, determination & prayer to create the most influential monastery in all of Portugal. But after war with Napoleon & a later rejection of monastic orders, the national government dissolved the monastery & sent monks away. Fortunately restoration projects have helped preserve their legacy. The following guide reveals the monastery in fascinating detail:

Buenos Aires guides

Buenos Aires, Endless Mile, guides, PDF, Argentina

With an urban area of almost 13 million people —32% of the nation’s population— Buenos Aires is an urban explorer’s paradise. Its grid street plan is easy to navigate, remarkably flat terrain makes getting around easy & the city’s immense size urges walkers to continue on & on. Buenos Aires experienced a long, overdue rebirth after the 2001 financial crisis & its charm continues to bring tourists back… even if economic troubles continue. Possessing a rich & complex history, Buenos Aires has much of interest often hidden in plain sight. The following guides reveal the city in fascinating detail:

It’s easy to see what makes Endless Mile unique: these are guides written by a guide. Robert takes advantage of local research facilities to demystify urban legends as well as recover long-lost connections between people & events. No other guidebook contains this amount of investigation. Also, samples of artwork presented here are only a few of the custom graphics Robert puts into each guide. Although our attention to detail & original research sets us apart, so does our unique style of presentation. We hope you enjoy exploring Lisbon, Alcobaça & Buenos Aires with us!