Supplement your guidebook

Our basic philosophy is simple: the best way to discover a new destination is to set out on foot. Walking lets you tune into a city's rhythm as well as gives you one of the best perspectives. And walking around a new destination can be like an endless mile—always finding something of interest around every corner. But making sense of it all can be a challenge.

Guidebooks often give so much attention to restaurant & hotel recommendations that less space is available for history & current events. While the internet is a fantastic resource to find all those missing pieces, the sheer quantity of information online can be overwhelming. Allow us to curate for you. Endless Mile believes today's traveler needs a supplement... we provide valuable background info so you get more out of your trip.

Connect the dots

Endless Mile guides are organized by category so you see exactly what interests you... connecting your own dots. We currently cover Buenos Aires & Lisbon with more locations coming in the future, & all walks are regularly updated to include the latest news. Grouped into five categories, the following topics represent Endless Mile's focus:

Main attraction • A single, must-see sight that already receives much attention but presented in much more detail.
City center • Often where the city was founded, a place identified as the core... filled with grand buildings & important symbols.
Architecture • One of our specialties. Either a guided walk focusing on one particular style or a general list of the city's finest structures.
Spotlight • A unique feature of the city... something different from other destinations. Ideal for a scavenger hunt & a fun way to explore.
Offbeat • Stray from the beaten track to discover an area with less tourists, lots of locals & quite a few surprises.

100% unique content

Owner & author Robert Wright lives, works and regularly spends time in all destinations covered & has over a decade of experience in the travel industry. That makes Endless Mile unique: these are guides written by a guide. Instead of repeating the basics, Robert takes advantage of local research facilities to demystify urban legends as well as recover long-lost connections between people & events. No other guide contains this amount of investigation.

Endless Mile also believes a picture is worth quite a few words. Original artwork, detailed maps & high-quality photographs help illustrate important points in every guide. Endless Mile makes an excellent travel companion... because you are literally taking a guide along with you.

Get ready to explore more!